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Telehealth Services with Aviyá Telemed

Telemedicine is the most up to date way to communicate with a healthcare provider. Michigan Health Specialists understands not all patients are able to make a visit into the office to see their doctor.
Telemedicine allows the patient to have a virtual visit with the Provider via a smart device (cell phone, ipad, tablet, computer with camera). This is convenient for the working class, mothers with sick children, or patients who have transportation problems. Call our office or click the schedule appointment button to book a telemedicine appointment. Due to COVID-19, we are now offering flexible telemedicine hours.

Get the Care You Need, When You
Need it the Most!

At Aviyá Telemed, we believe that everyone deserves access to quality and affordable healthcare, regardless of zip code, financial situation, or the ability to get to the doctor’s office.

Our focus and mission is to bridge the health care disparities that plague certain communities by providing virtual health care services that are affordable, diverse and inclusive.

You shouldn’t have to forgo paying your rent or mortgage when you need healthcare. With Aviyá Telemed, you can get the convenient care you need without breaking the bank.

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